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Stéphanie Gricourt
Managing Director

Kogito HIEX Talent: Highly Experienced Talent

David Breuil Lacroix's entire support approach aims to provide the parties with the best possible information and long-term satisfaction. It therefore ensures that the values that allow for a solid common path are respected. It is also pragmatic about the needs of structures and employees in terms of skills, results, resources and working comfort.

Catherine Monin
Political Communication and Institutional Relations Advisor
Kogito Talent

Kogito's support succeeds in the challenge of being both very professional and very human. The firm is always available and responsive to answer practical questions, but the real plus is the analysis of the soft skills of the recruiter and the candidate as well as a real support to the reflection on the life course.

Marie Pourceau
Institutional real estate law

Kogito HIPO Talent: High Potential Talent

Kogito gave me an interesting professional opportunity in the heart of Paris, perfectly suited to my ambitions.
Institutional real estate being my major legal interest, David knew how to take into account this decisive criterion in order to allow me to start my career in cohesion with my expectations.
In the employment process, this company followed me and accompanied me from start to finish, even after I joined the study.

I therefore strongly recommend Kogito both for the prestige of the opportunities offered and for the "tailor-made" support offered from the beginning to the end of the hiring process.

Arthur Anane
General Manager ESS

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The challenge of recruitment is to clearly identify, on the one hand, the function and its specificity within the company, the ordinary needs that are singular for the position, the requirements of the company and, on the other hand, the expertise, skills, appetites, conditions and expectations of a professional in order to bring them into line. David, while obviously integrating these elements, goes beyond that, he brings together the meaning, the values, the movement, the intelligence, the disposition, the distinction, the invitation of both parties to a successful collaboration meeting. It is a real asset.

Jean Yves Perez
Managing Director

Kogito HIEX Talent: Highly Experienced Talent

Kogito, a recruitment agency in step with our times: reactivity, agility, intelligent listening. For me, this has been an excellent experience that has finally dusted off the job of recruiter.
Thank you David!

Ako Da Silveira
Director of institutions / external expert evaluator certified by AFNOR
Kogito HIEX Talent: Highly Experienced Talent

Many firms can display the title of "recruiter" with more or less values displayed. Few are, like David, able to embody them and make them a real specificity that is lacking in an environment that often forgets that matter is a HUMAN resource.
Throughout the process, it intervenes with accuracy, relevance and intelligence. If you are looking for a recruitment manager who has the agility to understand your search for a candidate and who is not satisfied with "sourcing" but who will know how to understand beyond the stakes of the position, how the relationship can be established between the candidate, HIS FUTURE ENVIRONMENT, the company's informal culture and the client, do not hesitate. If you are a professional and he approaches you then either do not hesitate he is confusing of availability and reactive. I had the feeling that it really mattered to him that I felt well integrated as if I was going to work with him.

Thomas Di Lorenzo
Real Estate Complex and Institutional Financing
Kogito HIPO Talent: High Potential Talent

As part of the development of my professional career in the notarial profession, I had the opportunity to meet David and the company Kogito, with whom I was able to exchange views in order to join a prestigious notarial firm in order to evolve in the field that fascinates me the most, institutional real estate. To this end, I can only strongly recommend the services of Kogito.

Julien C.
Associate notary

Partner companies

Kogito.io has been able to provide us with sound advice and tailor-made support at each stage of a highly successful major recruitment process. Thank you to the team for the energy deployed and the unfailing follow-up.